Promotable You is creating a nation wide movement of confident and inspired women that are taking action in their lives and careers.


The brief

Promotable You founder, Em Pescott came to me with a mission to create an inspiring, modern and bold brand to engage ambitious and driven women. Em visioned a brand designed with a strong but simple logo symbol that could be easily taken away from the brand name and stand alone as a recognisable brand mark. 

Through contemporary and simple typography, supported by a feminine colour palette, the brand was shaped into a fun and approachable identity. A brand style guide (aka 'Brand Bible!') was then developed to set the standard and create an all inclusive reference for using and implementing the brand.



Brand style guide
Art direction

Logo design

"I recently worked with Tahlia on branding my new business and as a female entrepreneur it was important to me that I found the right designer who understood my vision and was able to articulate that vision and turn it into a professional brand.  I’m so happy with not only the outcome, but also the process.  Working with Tahlia was seamless, from the initial consult to providing the concepts and final design, I felt fully consulted at each step. The outcome is that I not only have a professional logo, I have a full brand style guide including colours and fonts that underpins everything I do in print and online. For me this is a crucial element to ensuring a consistent, professional presence for Promotable You.

Em Pescott
Founder, Promotable You