Re-fresh your branding with these hand-picked fonts

Let’s talk fonts! A simple change in font can go a long way in making your brand look classy and professional. Think about all the ways you communicate to your audience - email, website, social media, invoices, e-newsletters and even packaging… it’s important to have a font or two dedicated to your brand to use across all of these different mediums. By selecting font’s that look and feel like your brand, you start to create consistency – the core element of every great brand.

The most commonly used font's are the default font's stored on your computer - think Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. Although they are convenient to use as they are 'ready to go', in most cases they lack originality by being overused and your missing a great opportunity to have unique font’s to use for your branding. 

The best thing about finding new fonts for your brand is that they can be totally free! There are many premium font’s out there for purchase, but if your just starting out or looking to re-fresh your branding there are thousands of high quality fonts available free to download and easy to install. 

I’ve spent years trialing and testing free font’s from around the web, eliminating the bad ones and short listing the best. This curated list of my hand-picked favorites are a mixture of simple, clean font’s to those with a little more character and uniqueness. 

My top tip’s when choosing font’s for your brand? 

  • Stick to two or three font’s for your brand. Select one for body text, one for headings and maybe one for sub-headings.
  • Font combinations should look good and complement each other - this is often called “font pairs”.
  • Don’t use too many fancy script or decorative fonts. They should be used subtly.

Now...for the best of the best;



1. Playfair Display 

A beautiful display font for large headings for both print and on web. Pair with Raleway - a clean, uncomplicated font with many weights available


2. Source Sans Pro 

An all rounder font that is a sure winner. Great for even the smallest of texts, it is beautifully designed. Pair with Lora - an elegant serif font designed for body text.


3. Arima Madurai 

The perfect balance between casual and class. I just love this font - and it’s still a hidden gem in the world of fonts. Pair with something simple like Lato to let Arima shine!


4. Marcellus

The styling of this font creates a modern feel and is ideal for headings. Pair with Muli - a minimal font, great for body texts as well as headings.


5. Karla

A quirky font with character, I use for both headings and body text. Pair with the much loved Montserrat for a clean and balanced look.